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Technical vs. Creative Writing: Which Style Is the Best to Reach Your Target Audience?

You might have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ a million times. Ever wondered who said it? It was in 1996; Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King” and published it on the Microsoft website. In this essay, he predicted that content is where much of the ‘real money’ will be made on…

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Prototype vs MVP: Understand Key Differences to Choose the Right One

Nobody wants to build a product that fails—wondering why do some businesses fail with their new products? Well, this is where prototype and MVP come into the picture. A product that doesn’t undergo testing fails faster. In contrast, a product that meets customers and business needs in every stage of its development process wins. Prototype…

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How can AI and ML Impact Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become hot buzzwords in the market in recent times. Integration of these futuristic technologies into mobile apps is the other trend that’s gaining immense popularity. The amalgamation of AI and ML develops intelligent and innovative solutions. They are being used in many sectors already to improve user experience by…

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The Future of Technology: Top 8 Emerging Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2021

The inception of Artificial Intelligence dates back to 1956, 11 years after WW2 ended. Some philosophers even believed that machines would replace workers by the mid-1970s. But surprisingly, the research and development of AI have been accelerating only for a decade. Although there were instances when AI became news a few times, the true revolution…

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9 Things You Must Know When Launching A New Product

No matter how brilliant your product is, if it doesn’t impress customers and inspire them, all your effort goes in vain. That’s why it’s critical to manage the product lifecycle. Each stage – designing your product, introducing it to the market and the customer journey, is vital for your business success. However, having a product…

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Performance Engineering And Its Importance

Being a programmer is about much more than merely writing bug-free code. As highly distributed applications become more complex, developers must make their systems as user-friendly, secure, and scalable as possible. Application performance engineering is a necessary practice for any DevOps team, enabling developers across departments to stay agile and efficient. As performance engineering is…

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Digital Transition vs Digital Transformation

Digital transition and digital transformation often swapped for one another, actually differ significantly in focus and usually scope. Digital transition focuses on the fundamental (though still potentially massive) shift from analog or physical information to that which is stored, reproduced, or processed using a digital platform. There may be benefits like increased speed, accuracy, reliability,…

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Human-Centered Design – What is it?

The best project focuses on people, always. Repeatedly, human-centered design (HCD) has shown that by going through the four phases – inspiration, idea, implementation, and validation – each person or team can design a solution that meets the needs of the end-user facing these challenges. This blog will provide a detailed overview of the human-centered…

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Design Thinking: A Strategy For Innovation.

Design-oriented companies such as Apple, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, and SAP have outperformed the S&P 500 by remarkable numbers. This article will highlight the differences between design and design thinking and, if implemented correctly and strategically, how design thinking can affect business outcomes and bring a real competitive advantage. Design Thinking It is a methodology…

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Pitfalls To Avoid for a Successful Cloud Migration

Successful migration to the cloud often means introducing and adopting a new common language throughout your organization. But there are certain obstacles in the process that can be costly. Or they can be so painful that they won’t let you go any further. About 95 percent of IT professionals in a survey said they had…

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