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Pitfalls To Avoid for a Successful Cloud Migration

Successful migration to the cloud often means introducing and adopting a new common language throughout your organization. But there are certain obstacles in the process that can be costly. Or they can be so painful that they won’t let you go any further. About 95 percent of IT professionals in a survey said they had…

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Saven Technologies Is Embracing Technology-Driven Solutions to Make Itself a Champion Solutions Provider at GoodFirms

Specializes in outlining, managing, and executing technology-driven business solutions will soon endow Saven Technologies as one of the top mobile app service providers at GoodFirms. View Saven Technologies’ GoodFirms’ profile to know more about its services and approach opted for fulfilling the expectations of the clients. Overview of the Company Incepted in 1996 and headquartered…

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Web Development Vs Mobile App Development.

For every business trying to create a digital presence, there is one concern that keeps haunting. Which platform to use, a website or a mobile application? This article will help you differentiate between the two and understand what suits your type of business best. But, before that, let’s understand what each of these platforms is.…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To The Cloud Right Now.

When it comes to personal computers, the data available on these devices were limited only to the users accessing these devices. The programs or software installed on a computer was only accessible on the computer it was installed in. But, with the advent of technology, cloud computing was introduced. Since the day cloud computing has…

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6 Books That Will Help You Stay Focused And Grow During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus. N95s. Incubation period. Self-quarantine. Social distance. Flatten the curve. Lockdown. This is the terminology of a new and disturbing lifestyle. However, a dramatic break from routine allows you to rethink your life and the changing worlds – social, political, economic, and natural – in which you live. With the help of books that can…

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Mulesoft Vs Azure Functions – What we think?

Majority organizations have their data stored in various locations, ranging from internal databases to SaaS platforms. To understand their finances and operations in detail, they pull data from all of these sources into a data lake or data warehouse and perform analyzes. But they don’t want to build and maintain their own data flows. Luckily,…

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Why Does A Company Need Product Testing And Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance (QA) refers to the process of confirming that a company’s quality requirements are being met. Production quality management includes planning, execution, and monitoring of activities. Quality assurance is an aspect of monitoring this discipline. What is Quality Assurance? From a broader viewpoint, quality assurance is a systematic effort of a company to ensure…

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10 Tools That Have Changed How We Work Remotely.

During the time the world faces this coronavirus crisis, remote work proves to be an effective way to offset this pandemic’s economic effects. Remote work tools help companies stay productive without exposing employees to coronavirus infection. This is probably why HR leaders in a recent online poll said they implemented a Work-from-Home (WFH) contract to…

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How To Survive The Covid-19 Pandemic Using Digital Transformation

Updating and modernizing an IT system (also known as “digital transformation”) is more than just a buzzword and process. It can open the door to unlimited potential by expanding and improving opportunities and advancing across all industries. It is often forward-thinking. However, in this turbulent time, digital transformation is survival. Companies have been forced to…

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