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Expert user interface and experience design that integrates across all of your digital channels.

User Experience Beyond the Superficial

You could have the most robust enterprise-level technology solution on the planet. But without a great user experience (UX), it won’t matter. The only way real people will be able to access your great technology is through the front-end, and it needs to be easy-to-use and manage. That means the user interface (UI) must be intuitive,  clean and appealing. And it needs to work flawlessly.

Our expert-level UI & UX developers go above and beyond the simple wireframe planning that other web and application developers might use. We don’t go through the motions. Nor do we use canned templates. We assess your entire platform, your intended audience, and your ultimate goals before designing any layouts

Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Do your front-facing apps integrate well with your administrative back-end? Are the workflows set up in such a way that they make sense and are easy to implement? Are you using legacy software that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage? A comprehensive digital strategy is critical for a successful business today, and your company will fall behind if data is impossible to manage. We always make sure that good user interface design principles are applied for both the front and back-end of your applications. We can also review your technology infrastructure to identify opportunities for improved integration and access of vital data.

Mobile Websites and Apps

What about mobile user experience design? We always design responsive pages that are fully accessible to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But your specific data might actually be better served with a full-fledged mobile application. Through our consultation process, we can determine whether your online application needs just a responsive website or would be better served with a native app for Android, Apple, or Windows mobile platforms. The consultation includes in-depth, investigative, and competitive research and analysis based on customer input. We use this information to define the go-forward plan.

Business Intelligence Dashboards and Software Application Integration

Your internal teams and stakeholders may need to access up-to-date data in real-time. Whether this information is only available internally through an enterprise-level software solution, or the data needs to be accessed worldwide via a secure channel online, we can help. Our expertise includes CMS/CRM platforms, web-based software applications (including SaaS), and custom Business Intelligence dashboards. A BI dashboard won’t be useful if it doesn’t make sense to the end-user. This is where expert digital user experience design can make the difference between an application that is used and one that is ignored. Our expertise in digital interface design can ensure that your high-level applications are functional, integrated, and easy-to-use for your non-technical staff.

Fully Integrate Your User Experience Across All Channels

With our big picture consulting services, we review all your digital marketing channels and software applications to ensure consistency and usability for both public customers and internal team members. This full-service consulting sets us apart from smaller shops that can only handle one aspect of your digital footprint.

Technology Design Strategy

Before we get started on implementation, we need to first build a roadmap to determine the best path forward. We are committed to adding strength to your organization as strategic partners. Our consultants act like digital sleuths and investigate your business, goals, and audience to develop a complete understanding of the project. Then, we employ in-depth competitive research to fuel our analysis of any challenges that might impact the application.

During the discovery phase, we might also utilize usability studies to determine where your current platform might need some improvement, based on current technology and market trends. From there, we can apply our user experience and user interface expertise to recommend a strategy for moving forward.

UX Planning & UI Design

Designing a user interface is more than just making things pretty and attractive. It needs to be functional and useful to users. In our planning and design stage, we explore the best way to deliver information to your specific audience.

By developing detailed user personas, we can pinpoint the precise needs of your userbase. We don’t just stop at simple personas, though. Detailed user stories can help us craft a realistic customer journey. This tells us exactly what is needed to create a truly amazing user experience.

UI Development & Implementation

In the development phase, we use a collaborative approach with our team and yours to implement a powerful graphic interface design backed by the latest technologies. Depending on the platform chosen, we might employ modular UI development on the latest component-based frameworks, or use tried-and-true web technologies such as JavaScript/jQuery, Angular JS, HTML5, and CSS3.

We keep up with the latest trends and research on user interface development to assess which direction might be best for your application. Since its appearance in 2011, flat design has primarily dominated over the faux-realistic “skeuomorphism.” Rather than creating a cookie-cutter UI, we analyze your business needs to determine a custom design direction. We will review whether the application might be best served with a more purist flat design, flat 2.0, Google’s material design, or perhaps an intuitive design that combines elements of both flat and skeuomorphic approaches.

UI Engineering for Enterprise Systems

To truly compete in the modern digital marketplace, companies require powerful and scalable technology solutions that are interconnected and secure. Whether your enterprise systems need an upgrade, re-engineering, or a complete overhaul, we can design a platform that simply works.

You know all too well that many internal and external stakeholders simply don’t have time to try to learn a new user interface just to track project progress or get the latest data for decision-making. This is why our UI engineering for your enterprise systems will be custom-tailored to make your clients and stakeholders happy – and just get things done.

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