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We Take the Time to Understand Your Customers

The term “digital marketing” is a bit redundant these days. If you’re not marketing your company online, you’re almost not marketing it at all. Your customers are on the Internet multiple times a day, so if you’re not fighting for their attention, rest assured that your competitors are more than happy to do so.

Unfortunately, digital marketing can prove to be a real challenge for most companies. It’s easy to see why. For example, your staff probably has enough to focus on with their normal day-to-day operations. Adding a priority to their plate – especially something as involved as digital marketing – just isn’t realistic for most businesses.

No matter what digital marketing solutions will work best for your business, the first step is always identifying the unique path your customers take to the solutions they want.

The team of digital marketing experts at Saven will never try to squeeze your company into some one-size-fits-all framework or cut corners when it comes to understanding your customers’ journey. We’ll take the time to learn how your customers make decisions so we can position your company as the provider of the solutions they want.

Our Digital Marketing Services Provide Key Insights

While the main objective of digital marketing is to create customers, a huge secondary benefit is that these efforts also produce massive amounts of helpful data that can be converted into key insights. Your market leaves footsteps all over the Internet when they’re looking for the solutions your company provides. You can track these steps using digital marketing and learn more about your potential customers in the process. This will not only inform our marketing practices but can also help you better meet your market’s needs.

Best of all, Saven is a one-stop shop. We provide every major digital marketing service, so you don’t need to worry about managing multiple providers at the same time.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media platforms are growing their user bases every single day. Are you leveraging these sites to build your audience, too? Saven offers a wide range of social media optimization solutions, from strategy to implementation to monitoring and more. Our approach will give you more than just great social media content. We’ll build a passionate following you can tap time and time again to boost sales.

Email and Affiliate Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools available. We understand every ingredient involved with making email marketing work, too: building your list of recipients, crafting subject lines that will get you maximum opens, and copywriting that creates compliance. Affiliate marketing is also a powerful strategy. It will create an army of advocates for your business, yet you don’t pay them a dime until they make sales. This methodology is especially powerful for companies on a budget as it doesn’t cost a lot to see huge profits.

Campaign Management

One successful marketing campaign could literally change your company’s outlook forever. Saven will handle every step of this involved process, from planning to execution to tracking its results. This will include addressing audience segmentation, content creation, message personalization, email automation, omnichannel communication, and much more. We customize every step of the campaign so it speaks to your unique audience in the most effective way possible.

Display Advertising

Online display advertising maintains many aspects of its traditional predecessor, but this doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Using displays is a great way to go right where your customers are already congregating online. This is an especially powerful strategy for smaller businesses that are struggling to outpace their larger competitors on Google. Tracking the ROI of your display advertising is extremely straightforward, too, so you’ll always have an easy time judging the results of your efforts.

Web Reporting and Optimization

At Saven, we believe in constant improvement. There is simply too much competition out there for any company to rest on its laurels. With our web reporting and optimization services, we will keep your organization on the path to greater and greater successes. We use A/B testing and MVT (Multivariate Testing) to ensure that everything from your web design user experience to your ad copy is contributing as much as possible to your bottom line. In short, we don’t take any chances with any aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

Landing Page Optimization

When executed properly, landing pages can be one of your most efficient sales tools. These simple sales pages are designed for the singular purpose of converting visitors into customers. However, those visitors still have to find these pages first. Then, these landing pages need to be optimized so your CTA earns those all-important clicks. Our experts will create landing pages for your company that do both of these, creating a low-cost resource of consistent leads and sales.

Strategy Consulting

Your company is unique, which means the strategy that works for another business – even a competitor – may not work for yours. Our digital marketing strategy consulting will give you peace of mind knowing that your web presence is headed in the right direction. We take the guesswork out of gaining traffic and increasing conversions. Even if your company has its own in-house marketing staff, having proven experts in your corner will make all the difference.

Don’t Approach the Future Alone.

By partnering with Saven, you continue to advance as we systematically work together in discovering new and existing IT-related challenges and overcoming them through our cost-effective solutions.

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