Digital Product Development

We help companies achieve digital transformation by creating powerful digital solutions. We excel at developing reliable architectures on the latest frameworks to solve every day business needs.

We build powerful, enterprise-level application platforms

Whether your company sells tangible products or is fully virtual, you must have a reliable digital ecosystem to support your business. At Saven, we help companies achieve digital transformation by creating powerful digital solutions. We excel at developing reliable architectures on the latest frameworks to solve every day business needs.

Technology can either save time and improve productivity or become a barrier to efficiency if it is poorly utilized or implemented. As strategic partners in your business success, we approach digital product development from the perspective of what would help make your business thrive – rather than trying to shoehorn you into canned “solutions” as other companies might.

Optimise Infrastructure

If, in the past, technology was simply implemented by various departments in an ad hoc manner, your company could be struggling with multiple systems that aren’t integrated or connected. Far too often, technology decisions are made passively or through popularity – for example, the selection method of “my brother who is an IT consultant suggested we use this solution because that’s what all these other people use.” We must first assess the existing architecture to determine the best path forward.

Targeted User Base

Whether you want to reach internal users or external customers, your product development must take into consideration your audience. You could have the most comprehensive medical database in the world, but if the doctors who need to use it can’t navigate the user interface, it won’t matter. Technology ultimately needs to reach human beings. Don’t set your users up for failure with a confusing, outdated, or bloated user interface. Don’t over-engineer your solution when your users need something simple and accessible.

Goal Planning and Execution

The “other” consulting firm that insisted you use their proprietary solution didn’t tell you that the product might be discontinued someday, and now it is, and you’re stuck. We won’t let that happen. First, we use mainstream technologies that rely on best practices – not obscure custom code that has no future. But this is just a small part of the long-term planning that we provide for you. You must have a plan for updates and upgrades, as well as a vision of the future. Because we are consultants and not just programmers, we are able to help you with the big picture while providing best-in-class solutions for your enterprise-level business needs.

Products developed for the future

Delivering on promises to our clients is what matters to us most.

Product Conception & Management

Are you meeting the needs of your users? With comprehensive product development and management, we help make sure you are fully utilizing your digital solutions in a cohesive way.

From the very beginning, with comprehensive concept development, we partner with you to determine the best overall roadmap for your product. From there, we will work to identify features and priorities to determine technology mapping, architecture definition, and process setup.

Digital Integration Across Platforms

Digital product development can’t happen in a vacuum. Applications need to be able to talk to each other and access data quickly and seamlessly. Our digital integration services include UI, application, database, and cloud integration.

We start with architecture research to assess the existing landscape, and from there determine the best path forward. Integration of diverse, legacy systems can be challenging, but fortunately, we have a team fluent in various technologies. No matter what your integration challenge, we can surmount it to create a system that works flawlessly for end users.

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Application Development & Maintenance

Some of the best digital products in the world would be useless without a strong application on the front-end to access the system.

Whether you need a new application developed, or an existing one re-engineered, Saven can help. We specialize in UI modernization, services integration, and cloud enablement. Our tools and approaches include Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD. We also provide application maintenance to keep your digital solutions up-to-date and working for your users, not against them.

Mobile App Development

We are recognized for delivering custom-made apps for global clients, successfully delivering fully-functional apps based on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and HTML5 platforms. Whether you need a standard smartphone app, or a more advanced app for IoT, wearable, and augmented reality technologies, we can create it.

Our mobile app development is a collaborative process where we work with you from start to finish through graphic mockups, wireframes, and clickable prototypes. We work to make sure the app has a striking UI that supports a smooth workflow for users. The end result is an elegant app that people want to use.

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Don’t Approach the Future Alone.

By partnering with Saven, you continue to do so as we systematically work together in discovering new and existing IT-related challenges and overcoming them through our cost-effective solutions.

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