Saven Wins An Outstanding 5 Comparably Awards for 2023

Saven Wins An Outstanding 5 Comparably Awards for 2023

Saven Wins An Outstanding 5 Comparably Awards for 2023 1920 1080 Saven

Saven proudly announces that we won 5 awards in 2023 from Comparably, a renowned employer review site. We have been awarded Best Company Work-Life Balance, Best Company Perks & Benefits, Best Company Compensation, Happiest Employees, and Best Leadership Teams (Small and Midsize companies. These awards recognize our ambition to provide our employees with the best opportunities to achieve their career goals.  

Comparably is a renowned platform where employees can give their honest review about culture and compensation. Comparably asks many questions during a survey and ranks companies accordingly. Employees can give their feedback and ratings anonymously and each award is given after a period of 12 months.  

Comparably Awards Won by Saven Tech:

Best Company Work-Life Balance:

At Saven Tech, we believe that to thrive employees need a good work life balance so that they can pursue their goals. Saven ranks 44 in the Top 100 Best Companies for Work-Life Balance.

Happiest Employees:

The company ranks 41 in the Top 100 of Best Companies with the Happiest Employees. Saven celebrates employees’ achievements, holidays, and birthdays and we think that these small celebrations give joy to our customers.

Best Company Leadership Teams:

Comparably’s award for Best Company Leadership Teams is given to companies where employees anonymously rate their executive leaders and how they lead highly. We believe that leadership is the key to success and our leadership team is made of individuals who show great potential and are committed to the values and beliefs of the company. 

Best Company Compensation:

Saven Technologies ranked 29th for Best Company Compensation (Small and Medium Sized Companies). Saven Tech has won this award because we believe employees need to be paid fairly for their hard work. We also reward individuals who show excellent performance throughout each quarter and the whole year. 

Best Company Perks & Benefits:

Saven ranks in the top 50 for small and medium-sized companies. This award represents how Saven takes care of their employees and how we do our best to offer the best benefits and perks to our employees.

Manohar Matta, CEO of Saven Tech, says, “These awards validate our ongoing commitment to cultivating a workplace that not only values professional growth but also prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of our employees. It is a reflection of the collective spirit and dedication of our exceptional team.” Saven Technologies is committed to encouraging innovation in employees while making sure that they are taken care of.  

These awards from Comparably directly reflect the company’s values, creating an uplifting atmosphere of innovation for employees who are paid fairly for their hard work. We believe in creating a work-life balance and do our best to offer the best perks and benefits. Our employees are led by a strong executive team that are innovators and always strive to move the company forward. 

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