How can AI and ML Impact Mobile App Development

How can AI and ML Impact Mobile App Development

How can AI and ML Impact Mobile App Development 1280 720 Saven

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become hot buzzwords in the market in recent times. Integration of these futuristic technologies into mobile apps is the other trend that’s gaining immense popularity.

The amalgamation of AI and ML develops intelligent and innovative solutions. They are being used in many sectors already to improve user experience by highly personalizing their journey. They make user-centric interactions and accurate results. Alexa and Google Home are the two best innovations using AI and ML.

The other best example: Facebook understands its users’ behavior and delivers an outstanding customized experience using Machine Learning.

Importance of AI and ML in numbers

  • According to a research company, Markets and Markets, the AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025.
  • The global spending on AI systems will reach $58 billion in 2021 as per IDC.
  • CB Insights says that startup companies using artificial intelligence received more than $7.4 billion in funding during Q2 2019.

Okay, now that we’ve seen why the hype is all about. Let’s now understand how AI and ML impact mobile app development and why you should integrate these two technologies in your mobile app.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is an extensive term that involves intelligent techniques that uses logic, deep learning, and other human-like capabilities to mimic human intelligence.

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence that studies computer algorithms and identifies patterns in data to predict the future by using those patterns. ML is crucial for decision-making under uncertainty.

Impact of AI and ML in Mobile App Development

Improved Real-Time Quick Decisions

AI and ML help systems make quick real-time decisions and enhance customer experience. They infuse the power of reasoning into the mobile app making every decision, relevant and right according to the scenario.

For example, Google Maps changes the route quickly as soon as it notices traffic in the route you’re traveling. AI and ML collectively predict the weather, heavy traffic, and estimated time to provide users an easy travel experience.

Here, Machine Learning helps AI dynamically react to the circumstances by learning knowledge base and finding solutions to the problem step by step quickly. This is simply called machine reasoning, which brings solutions based on facts and rules that evolve.

Highly Personalized Experience

The modern market is crowded; people only remember brands that offer them the best experience. And there is nothing more delightful than a personalized experience. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms collect user behavior and preference data to ensure the utmost personalized interface. The collected data also helps them identify positive and negative triggers making the application features and functionalities more effective. As today’s app development process is more feedback-driven, AI and ML deliver accurate data and insights to developers for feature additions and future updates. Apps that provide such personalized experiences see higher customer engagement.

Netflix, a dynamic OTT, is one of the best examples of this. The digital platform is different for each individual. It recommends content based on user interests, age, location, gender, wishlists, and streamed content using AI and ML. Many other apps are now using this very popular technology to drive users and engagement.

Enhanced Search Options

The search feature in your app is one of the crucial elements that decide user engagement. The search option should produce accurate results and relevant outcomes. It should deliver the matching results for the misspelled keywords to make searching less time-consuming and more intuitive.

But the truth is searches and results evolve with time, and it’s almost impossible to change the search feature if you rely solely on a developer. AI and ML can learn from users’ questions and return the most relevant results based on the previous patterns.

Websites like Reddit, Quora use AI and machine learning to identify and personalize users’ later queries.

Understanding User Behavior

Learning the interests and behavior of customers is essential for any modern business to fit in the market. In fact, half the work is done if customers’ interests are identified. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help you learn the data such as gender, location, preferences and help you analyze it and provide a customized experience. While AI is an expert in recording users’ behavior and browsing patterns, ML helps enhance your marketing strategies and keep customers first.

Businesses can develop tailor-made apps for customers using AI and ML. Many e-commerce sites use these technologies to ensure higher customer satisfaction and boost revenue.

Advanced Online Security

Online security is one of the primary constraints that build trust among app users. AI and ML enable people to use biometrics, face, and voice recognition in apps to secure their data. Users can set up an additional security authentication step on their smartphones and secure their accounts. This prevents identity and data theft, breaches and makes the app safer.

Other Advantages of Using AI and ML in Mobile App Development

Voice search assistants have become popular these days. The combination of AI and ML in voice search takes you even closer to your customers. Sooner, voice search will become an essential element in mobile applications to provide users the best user experience.

With the help of AI and ML, communication with chatbots will sound more natural and more human.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning reduce the time-to-market while driving productivity and flexibility.

Embrace the Future of Mobile App Development with AI and ML

Mobile app development is an evolving industry. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning take mobile apps to the next level by making them user-centric and interactive. As said, sooner they will become essential elements in the app development. Therefore, businesses need to integrate these technologies into their mobile applications to fit in the market. Saven Technologies can help you with everything a modern mobile application should have and makes you future-ready. Feel free to talk to us about your product.

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