Quality Assurance Services

Whether you have an existing application, product, or system that needs review, or a new initiative being launched, expert Quality Assurance is critical

Testing & Quality Assurance for all deliverables

Saven  provides sophisticated and thorough product testing and Quality Assurance to make sure that your products and applications are the best they can be.

Even if you have an internal team that provides QA services, your company may need the help of independent, outside consultants to ensure that your products are in compliance with state and federal regulations. This is especially true for companies that work in highly regulated spaces such as healthcare and finance, but all companies must handle sensitive user data properly. Our Quality Assurance consulting services look at all aspects of your systems to ensure reliability and regulatory compliance.

We review systems with these three points in mind:


Today, with privacy becoming more and more of a concern for the average Internet user, your company absolutely must have a bullet-proof system to protect private data. This is not just about having proper code and basic security in place, but having advanced systems set up to prevent hacking of private data. Nothing can kill a business more than thousands of user records exposed via a targeted hack.

Data Integrity

Our Quality Assurance testing will look for those kinks in your technological armor that might expose your company to data integrity issues. We will review the entire life-cycle of the system to make sure the data is processed and stored consistently and reliably.


Far too often, internal developers can be so close to their pet project that they cannot view it objectively. This can often lead to major blind spots in user interface design that leave customers confused and lost. We offer complete usability testing to ensure your application provides a positive user experience for your customers.

Building tested & secure products

Our Quality Assurance consulting services look at all aspects of your systems to ensure reliability and regulatory compliance.

Product Testing

Don’t put your product out there without thorough testing. Your product should be not only functional but easy-to-use and understand. We view your product from the lens of your average end-use to assess its effectiveness and usability. Does the product do what it says it will do? Is it working properly or is it buggy and in need of re-engineering? We provide thorough QA to make sure your product is ready for the marketplace.

Performance Engineering

Sure, your application might look pretty on the surface, but what is going on underneath the hood? With performance engineering, we make sure your digital solutions are built on a strong technological foundation. How fast are records being processed? Can the system handle the demands of potential users? Is it scalable? Without proper performance engineering, your product can and will fail.

Test Automation

Using the latest automation technologies, we can set up regular testing to monitor your technologies and find sources of potential failures. Perhaps your application is regularly freezing due to database memory spikes. Our automated testing systems can run based on specific triggers to find weaknesses in the system. From there, we can strategize plans to improve the infrastructure.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Due to regulatory compliance, your application or product may need a disinterested third-party to perform thorough Quality Assurance. We offer Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services to ensure your systems meet specific state and federal guidelines and requirements. We can also work with quality management systems such as ISO 9000. Our technology teams also perform independent audits to verify the integrity of your systems for compliance purposes.

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