Business Process Management - Workflow

Winning in this extremely competitive global business market requires a flexible, clear strategic direction, with resources focused to drive innovation and ideas and deliver results. Once the direction is set, executives and managers must communicate priorities to every level of the organization and establish metrics and alerts to stay abreast of progress. In order to function effectively, the individual employee, line manager, business unit manager and executive must have the ability to find, filter and manipulate data that is specific to their role. The intelligence from data will enable performance management at every level of the organization. Enterprises need to have frameworks that coalesce business intelligence, business process management, enterprise data management, integration and knowledge management/enterprise content management initiatives, providing the agility to address business challenges.

Saven has extensive experience developing, designing, implementing, and managing BI-PM solutions across industries. We take a holistic approach that begins with a comprehensive assessment of client’s particular business needs and capabilities. We have in-depth knowledge of the industry’s cutting edge technologies but our focus is on finding the right combination of tools and strategies for clients’ business, to create a sustainable and cost-effective BI-PM environment for client’s needs. Whether creating an end-to-end strategy or improving existing systems, the Saven’s services will enable first-rate decision-making at all levels of client’s organization.

Our solutions and services align strategy with performance, monitor, adapt processes and performance in production, manufacturing, finance, sales, customer service, HR and employee development and all other departments and divisions. With a focus and perspective that is relevant to each function and process, client teams synchronize objectives, metrics and initiatives to key strategies and goals.

Business Process Modelling

Review, Re-engineer and document business strategies, key performance indicators, and governance processes.

  • We help organizations understand business process issues and root causes very quickly, and identify quick-win improvements and longer-term initiatives to achieve business and technology objectives.
  • Enables a company to benchmark its existing capabilities with market-leading solutions, identifying the best ways to create value.

BPM Consulting

Assess, Refine Business Processes, technology systems, automated workflows.

  • Design and plan business and technology enabled processes
  • Identification of information requirements to achieve specific performance and business goals.
  • Creation and mapping of business processes through process modeling
  • Development of a comprehensive roadmap that illustrates the major steps and phases needed to build the new processes and technology to support both short- and long-term strategies.

BPM System Integration Services

Implementation & Integration of new technologies, processes, and methods.

Saven has wide experience working various BPM Tools, Technologies and Industry standards.

  • EMC Documentum xCP
  • IBM MQWorkflow/Interchange/ Lombardi
  • Microsoft Infopath
  • Oracle BPM
  • Pega BPM