Adobe Flex

Rich Internet Application (RIA), with its enhanced and superior interactivity, is raising the user experience expectation bar. It is facilitating increase in productivity for the users and enhancement in profits for the businesses. After a couple of years of cautious acceptance, RIA adoption is finally exploding beyond the innovators and visionaries to the pragmatists and the conservatives. We, at Saven Technologies, are helping our customers confidently move this path of profitability with adequate planning and preparedness. Although we work on a bunch of RIA technologies, Adobe Flex is our RIA of choice. Adobe Flex is helping us harness the true power of rich interactivity for our customers. It is the only platform that provides complete tooling for developers, good integration points with server side technologies, fast and efficient data interchange facility, and a highly efficient graphics virtual machine.

To ease application development under the new paradigm, we provide an exhaustive set of rich components and a sophisticated set of hooks to enterprise systems. We could assemble the components from our solution stack and customize it for your particular application development endeavor in less time than it would take some to even plan such a project. This is especially relevant for companies that belong to the financial services, banking, brokerage and fund management verticals. Specialized, domain centric components provide immediate benefits in a plug-and-play model for such companies. If you are impressed by Ruby on Rails, you will be happy to know that we can generate entire CRUD applications for Flex out of database definitions or persistence settings in the same agile fashion. We focus on developer productivity and want our customers to achieve substantially more than normal, with less effort and investment.

We worked for multiple clients across Capital Markets, Manufacturing, Healthcare and provided RIA Applications in Adobe Flex.

  • Dashboard Development: Extensive dashboard development experience in data visualization, Data analysis & analytics, business intelligence technologists, and software developers.
  • Data visualization Components: Saven has library of Dashboard components in Adobe Flex and other tools. These are highly extensible with open APIs, totally customizable and easy to integrate into existing infrastructure
  • Data Integration & Services: Data integration with back end ETL Systems, Database components or Enterprise Messaging systems with data services with LCDS, BlazeDS, GraniteDS, WebORB, ZendAMF, RubyAMF .. etc
  • Extend Product: Customize or develop UIs in Adobe Flex to work with existing dashboard apps from Xcelius, Microstrategy, Cognos.. etc.
  • User Interface Design:
  • Rich Internet Application/ Dashboard for multiple display formats: Seamlessly real-time data visualization from all sources into one browser-based view in Adobe Flex Application or a Desktop application in Adobe AIR
  • Solutions & Services: Experienced in developing Adobe Flex solutions for Real Time streaming (Capital Markets, Retail), Interactive Reporting(Capital Markets), Collaboration Portals( Quality Mgmt in Manufacturing), Data Visualization.