Component & Solutions

We work with our clients on delivering various components & solutions needed.

An IT or software architecture is a coherent set of patterns, frameworks, and components that guide the design of each aspect of a larger IT solution. A framework is typically defined as a support structure in which solutions and applications can be organized and developed. A framework includes support programs, code libraries, a scripting language, or other artifacts to help develop and combine the different components of a solution or application. A reference architecture is a proven architecture of an IT solution that is considered by a company or an industry to address specific needs to common problems. A reference architecture used by a company is typically considered a default architecture for solution development, unless business requirements dictate otherwise.

Best practices for assets and patterns are guidelines, based on real-world experience, that can help you solve business and technical problems.

Saven has thorough knowledge in all areas of software development from project analysis through to implementation. Our experience with leading business solutions such as CRM, CMS and Systems integration from leading vendors such as Microsoft gives us a clear picture of the available solutions to your business problems; that expertise, coupled with experience with the latest industry standards in business processes, Web Services and XML technologies makes our products lasting solutions.

Saven software developers can also develop web or windows based development components or customize an EBA Component to fit your exact system requirements. Our experience using COM (C/C++), DHTML and .NET allow us to quickly develop components for your software project to help accelerate your development efforts. Also, we can work with you to optimize your current development project based on a component strategy that will ultimately provide you with a faster development cycle, reusable development effort, more reliable and higher performance software at lower overall costs.