API & Web Services

Customers have more than recognized the importance and need of Independent Testing and have engaged Saven to deliver services like Functional Testing, Automation, and Performance Testing. These quality initiatives were mostly for individual projects or to resolve a specific business problem. While this approach definitely helps resolve the problem at hand, it can be improved to better meet the overall customer needs in terms of cost savings, reusability, improving time to market, and quality management. In enterprise customers, the need for an end-to-end quality management approach is even more with multiple tools, lack of standardization, and consistency in delivery.

Many of our clients have already created valuable testing assets such as test cases, issue trackers, and test lab infrastructure. Others are just starting their development efforts and have little in place. Based on unique client needs, Saven will work with test cases and issue tracker, or we can write test cases and set up an issue tracker for clients. Saven has expertise to automate tests, Saven can help. Saven can use its automation framework, or client tool of choice, we can augment manual testing effort with test automation that produces reliable results, adapts easily as software changes, and scales to support large-scale, complex software projects.

Some of the areas where we can help extend an application or products usability and services are:

  • Custom API & Web services Development
  • API & Web Services Extensions
  • API Re-Engineering
  • API Integration