SOA Consulting

Today’s enterprises with distributed business functions, yearn for universal real-time interoperability as they increasingly process transactions of high order complexity. And software capabilities give them agility strategically as well as at operational level. Enterprises need to think of business interactions that are relevant and more reusable. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offers policies and practices to design services as autonomous unit of building blocks to provide agile business capabilities. And these services are easily understood and easily managed, from both service provider and service consumer perspective.

While industry standards are used to implement a service, to realize a service oriented architecture, policies and contracts are important and additionally quality of service, such as security and performance, are to be managed in the infrastructure. Our SOA professionals are experts in defining policies and standards and successfully implemented SOA for multiple clients. The services implementation provides stable infrastructure from long term perspective, and for the business, the services provide simplicity and adaptability.

Service oriented architecture is a different way of thinking of the business and business enabling software. Saven helped clients to design SOA roadmap and implementation. We have helped to build SOA capability incrementally to reap benefits and at the same time helping to attain SOA maturity to manage the new SOA enterprise.

We have used industry standard products like IBM Datapower, Tibco ActiveMatrix Suite and Software AG’s webMethods that offer SOA infrastructure and Governance.